Experience and Qualifications

more than 25 years of experience


Born and raised in a small North Dakota community, I grew up with a respectful appreciation for the small business owner. Years later, after working in a variety of industries, I identified specific marketing tactics that translated well to small business and thought it useful to share them. As a result, New Dakota was born. Please email me at dawn@newdakota.com to discover the details behind the successes highlighted below:


  • Challenge: a rural telecommunications cooperative needs to sell television, phone, and internet services months in advance of actual service delivery -- in a community where the company is unknown and competitors are long embedded.

    • Result: Within 6 months, more than 75% of the residents signed up for services.

  • Challenge: a rural telecommunications company wants to apply for a USDA broadband grant in order to bring services to an under-served, very rural area of North Dakota.

    • Result: The company received the grant, due in part to written support from local and state officials as well as more than 90% of the residents in the targeted grant area.

  • Challenge: a small and nationally-respected performing theatre company is struggling to grow. Resources are limited. The burst of the Internet bubble, sagging economy, and 911 terrorist attacks have all occurred. At the same time and in an already competitive market, individuals have more and more entertainment options due to improved and inexpensive technology.

    • Result: The company focuses resources and builds a speaking and training division to supplement the live theatre performances. Within two years, the new division accounts for more than 60% of company revenue and the keynote speaker is in the top 3% of speakers as determined by fees. Within ten years, the company purchases and relocates to two new buildings in the downtown Minneapolis theatre district.  

  • Challenge: a small technology company needs to reflect recent acquisitions and the expansion of its capabilities. The decision is made to rename the company even as cash flow dwindles.  

    • Result: In less than 18 months, the company restructures, rebrands and is purchased by an industry-leading company, much to the delight of the owner and stockholders.

  • Challenge: With several big bid opportunities looming, a large construction firm wants to improve proposals and better manage their data and image assets.

    • Result: In a single year, the team won more than $500 million in new project construction.



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